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Studio One, missing 451 files after switching to SSD.

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asked Sep 30, 2018 in Studio One 4 by johnmckechnie (160 points)
Thanks for taking the time to open my question.

A few days ago, I installed an SSD in my PC alongside my HDD. I decided to install windows on my new SSD, while keeping most programs and all documents on my HDD, including studio one.

I tried to open a project I've been recording and working on for months, only for it to tell me I have 2039 missing files, after searching abouit in different folders it brings the number down to 451, but still makes to project completely ruined.

I noticed that studio one is looking on my C drive when opening the song to locate the relevant files, which makes sense as when I installed studio one on my HDD, it was the C drive, but since reinstalling windows on a different drive it has became the D drive, so it's looking on entirely the wrong hard drive, and wrong user account. I have tried navigating to the media folder where all the audio is kept for this project, and told it to search it but it can't find a single missing file. I also can't find the specific files either, which is strange and worrying because I haven't deleted, or changed locations or names of any folders related to this project, as it is of great importance to me.

I am truly worried and panicking about this, and just want to know if anyone has had (and hopefully resolved) a similar issue when switching windows to a new drive.

Thanks again for reading!

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answered Sep 30, 2018 by BobF (2,010 points)
If I understand correctly ...

Moving to SSD while retaining all installed programs and their settings, should be done by writing an image of the original drive.  When you did a fresh install of Windows, you started the registry fresh - without the required info about installed programs - even if they were installed on a separate drive.
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answered Sep 30, 2018 by johnmckechnie (160 points)
@BobF anything I can do to rectify this? Just tried letting studio one search the entire drive for the missing files, went to band practice and came back to see it had found none of them D: