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No sound from Tape In

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asked Feb 20, 2019 in Ai Mixers by robertschroder1 (220 points)
Someone has asked a similar question, but there were no answers.   I have an iPhone plugged into the Tape In RCAs on my 16.4.2AI.  I have Tape selected on the 2 Track In control, and the gain is up.  I have no sound coming out of my mains.  According to the manual, hitting Tape should send the audio in from the tape in source to the mains.  

Does anyone have any idea why i have no sound, or is my board broken?

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answered Mar 6, 2019 by alandarcy (7,130 points)
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Connect to RCA 'Tape In' at the rear of the desk and place your iPhone output level to roughly 3 'O' Clock.  

Ensure 'Tape Input' On/Off Button is selected. This button patches the Tape input to the main outputs. It will illuminate to indicate that the Tape input is being sent to the mains. To disable the routing, simply press the button again.

Adjust the Level on the 'Tape Input' knob and ensure your master fader is up.