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Studio one using Windows AVB

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asked Oct 15, 2018 in Ai Mixers by robgrigg (500 points)

I have a PC using Firewire with an RML16ai to record and a CS18AI desk connected with a MOTO switch.

I am thinking about adding a Series 3 desk trying to navigate the incompatibility of the AVB implementations.

I would really like to continue to use the PC as my target device for recording. I could use the USB interface to record, but would prefer to use AVB

So, if I purchased an intel I210 card and connected this to the AVB network, would I be able to see the AVB channels in Studio One and Capture?



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answered Oct 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (911,990 points)
The AVB implementation on the StudioLive AI platform (AI console and RM/RML rack mixers) does not include the full 1722.1 implementation required for interoperability with other AVB devices. The chipset used was developed by a third-party provider using the 1722 specification before the clocking requirements were ratified in 1722.1. The supplier of this solution never completed the 1722.1 implementation before their development was suspended. After researching and trying several methods to complete the implementation, we’ve been unable to solve this issue.

AVB networking on the AI platform will continue to work as a solution for connecting an AI console with an RM/RML rack mixer as a stage box, as well as cascading two RM/RML mixers to create a 64-channel system. Interoperability beyond this, such as use with Apple computers or third party AVB products, will not be possible unless you are using Series III mixers with our new AVB solutions.


AVB with Series III Mixer (Talker and Listener Streams) can be configured using AVDECC control software running over the i-210 NIC Card using a variety of software ( Echo, AudioScience, Riedel to name a few), however audio recording is done over USB to the local machine.