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Is it possible to run a "split" snake, and multi-track record at the same time with Series 3 Racks and a CS?

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asked Jan 15, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by sowndgy (150 points)
I am going to have to update my system from a Pre-AI SL24.

I do local live concert sound, while recording active audio tracks often times where I either have to run 2 snakes (one to each side), or, run cables across aisles and tape them down (hoping granny doesn't catch her cane).  Recordings are between 90minutes and 4 hours with up to 24 tracks at the same time for CD mix-down after the show.

I want to upgrade to a 32ch system, and thinking of using a CS/iPad for control, 2 16Ch RM Series III units (Stage L and Stage R) and a computer for recording (Mac) up to 32 potential channels.

Is this possible with the current versions of Capture, UC, and Presonus hardware, or, do I just buy the 32RM and run sub snakes?

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answered Jan 16, 2018 by johnandersen (2,220 points)

So you should be aware there are a few changes coming that that you may want to consider in your decision.

I own a RM32, CS18, MACBook & an IPad Pro & it does everything you want to do & does it well and No Snake , just an Ethernet cable if you have the CS18 off the stage.

If you want, and I have often, I leave the RM, CS18 & MacBook on stage and use the UC Surface app on my IPad to control the board & Studio One Remote App, or Capture to record.

I then use a few stage snakes to keep things tidy.

The issue now is that PreSonus is rolling out the Series lll Mixers & Racks which are all USB and don’t interface with the RM Platform.

Just an FYI, everyone is offering big discounts on the RM & RML mixers as well as the CS18