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Please update online documentation for Presonus consoles and NSB devices.

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asked May 30, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by robertweston2 (5,220 points)
I am a big fan of Presonus and use several of the Presonus consoles.  The consoles and NSB boxes are great!  

However, the documentation for the Presonus gear (consoles, NSB, switches, etc...) is dated and does not reflect the current state of the equipment.  As well, the procedural manuals do not appear to reference current gear, nor proper directions to complete a task.  It appears some manuals have been merged, but without the editing to update the content and any new procedural protocols.

Would it be possible to update the online documentation, and to include a "Revision" page at the front of the documentation to show what was updated and when, and to include the firmware version referenced in the process.

Over the years, the documentation has been great, but needs to be refreshed to better reflect the current systems (including current firmware versions).

Thank you.

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