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How does this work? New to using the splitter in S1.

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asked Nov 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by djak24k (260 points)

So im doing a DJ set and am trying to make a nice template to give an old school, warm, high dynamic range, somewhat trippy in some cases, etc etc... LOL

And I wanted the bass on this one track to be particularly high and affected by the bit crusher in a particular range. It looks like with the frequency cutoff with the splitter it could work but the settings are SOO subtle and my ears are a bit fatigued I honestly can't tell. I think it might be doing it's job but lets see what you guys think. Thanks for all your help!!!




because the freq split is set at around 120, only anything under that will get affected by the BitCrush?

It sounds like it! but I don't wan't my ears playing tricks on me ive been spinning maybe at least 60-80 dB a couple hours. With a few breaks of course =)

I'm thinking the bitcrusher has to come in last due to EQ, and it was an easier way and fun new tool to try to learn rather than using sidechaining the 2. And all that is after that is a an expander.

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answered Nov 15, 2020 by djak24k (260 points)
Can someone please help? I made a ticket over a week ago and want to make sure I"m doing this right
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answered Feb 10, 2021 by miked7 (1,680 points)
Hey, I just saw this because I'm searching for Splitter requests to vote on.  If I am understanding your post, all you need to do is drag the plugin to the "branch" of the Splitter that you want to affect. i.e. dragging Bit Crusher onto the left leg of the Splitter will apply it to the lower frequency range of your Split.  From your pic, it looks as though you made the Split, then put all of your plugins after the Split was combined again, so the Split really wasn't doing anything...

In the future, you should post this sort of question over on the User forum. There are lots of people on there and you will get an answer pretty quickly.