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How do you load Impact XT presets into banks other than Bank A?

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asked Oct 29, 2018 in Studio One 4 by dspjones (670 points)
If I load a preset up for example, it loads into Bank A.  If I want to load another preset, it seems to load in Bank A, overwriting the preset that was already there.  Is there a way to choose which bank to load the preset?

Keep in mind, I am not asking how to load individual sounds/samples to pads in different banks.  I am wanting to load an entire preset kit into Bank B while not overwriting the preset I loaded into Bank A.

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answered Jan 24, 2020 by robertzelinsky (230 points)
Did you ever figure this out?  I tried doing the same thing and got the same result as you.  It seems to override what's in Bank A when I'm clearly trying to load empty slots in another bank.
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answered Jan 24, 2020 by dspjones (670 points)
Nope... Never got an answer which seems to be the norm around here.  I mean there's alot of answers to questions I never need answers to but the one's I really want to know - CRICKETS!  I've just moved on, I don't even use Impact XT anymore.  Why bother when there's so much more stuff to use.
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answered May 14, 2020 by edmisik (260 points)
LOL...your post is from Oct of 2018 and it is now May 2020....I just loaded Studio One and also wanted to add stuff to various banks and had the same issue...It's maddening enough thinking i must be doing something wrong, but even more maddening to see this is still an unanswered issue...i guess this illustrates how many features are not needed or used in these apps....i looked at some YouTube Impact XT vids and the ones i saw didnt mention this....would be funny were it not so sad
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answered May 14, 2020 by edmisik (260 points)
I am answering my own question here....i think these banks only work if using their Atom controller.  Perhaps it would work w. other controllers if all the positions would be mapped and assigned,....I think it would be nice to have a template for the NI Mikro mk3..its a great piece of kit and i think it is popular...anyone have a template out here in the ether? would be great to have Mikro mk3 integration to studio 1
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answered May 15, 2020 by dspjones (670 points)
@edmisik - I LOL with you.  For all the talk about Studio One and how good it is - (and it is a very good DAW) - this forum which is laughably called Answers.Presonus.Com has never answered a thing for me.  

I feel your pain.

Hey maybe they'll answer this question in a decade or so when I'm too old to care anymore.
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answered May 19, 2020 by edmisik (260 points)
dspjones. i know.  guess you never figured this out either. maybe we can figure this out between us.., i am able to load individual loops and one shots into any bank i want, but surely after all this time it must be possible to add kits into banks other than A?  hahahahaha.  i have an atom controller coming on friday and will let you know if this works with that..if it doesnt, i;ll send the atom back and try and get a refund on the studio one software i just bought.  frankly the kits are mostly weird anyway....but they should load and you should be able to use the mouse to trigger. think my best bet is to build up my own kits if i decide to keep this stuff.  we are in a presonus forum aye?
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answered Feb 1 by billhurst (240 points)

Know this is an old question, but I think I've sort of figured out how to do this and thought I'd share it here.

If you open the file browser and browse to sound sets then branch out Ueberschall Impact Drums, you can then open up sounds and choose your kit. You can then drag all 16 samples into the bottom left pad of any bank while holding down the shift key and it will load the entire set into the chosen bank. Only problem is it shows the sample name and not the name in the kit...
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answered Feb 3 by paulgibbons1 (190 points)
Hey.. bit late to this but try this:

Open up your Impact XT. Go to empty bank (or clear all pads if you prefer). Now... click the pin icon at top right corner of impact window. This will allow you to open another Impact or Vst window without closing the first one.

Now...on the second Impact XT window...choose your favorite presets.. (in most of our cases we have many samples we like from different presets that we would like to have in ONE Impact preset all together)

Hold down ctrl key and then drag the samples you wish to copy to new preset over to the first Impact window you opened.

Viola.. keep doing this until you've loaded it up with all your favs.