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Questions about having 2 parallel series 3 rack mixers

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asked Oct 9 in StudioLive Series III by jonfilip (280 points)
I'm considering purchasing a series 3 24r mixer for my church. We'd like to expand our flex mixes to incorporate stereo mixes for the whole worship group and with the hard cap of 8 stereo mixes, we're considering buying another mixer to handle the other 4. My question is, having one series 3 mixer at the FOH and the rack mount mixer set in monitor mode for the remainder of in ear mixes and some additional floor wedges and subs, can the monitor mixer be controlled from the FOH when it comes to:
*Channel muting
*Scene recalls

Or are they separate controls, each with in their respective mixing tab? Is there another mode we can set the mixers in way to achieve this goal ?

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