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Right Click and Drag to Select Events

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asked Jan 31 in Editing by connorholcombe (1,840 points)
If there is no blank area to click and drag from it's a pain to highlight many events. Right-click and drag to highlight many events makes a lot of functional sense, and currently right-click and drag has no functionality in s1. I am currently left to either add a new track so there is blank space to start clicking a dragging from, or manually click all events while holding shift. Either way, much slower than a right-click and drag method.

For those curious about the functionality this is standard in Reaper. A feature I used a lot in that DAW and one of the things I miss most about it.

For those curious about when this is an issue, this happens when I am zoomed in and my whole screen is filled with audio or MIDI events, or if there are 3 consecutive tracks with no gaps between audio events and I need to highlight many events on the middle track, etc.

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answered Feb 1 by niles (49,620 points)
selected Feb 2 by connorholcombe
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When using the Arrow Tool you can simply use the SHIFT modifier to select multiple events/parts.