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Button mapping incongruous to instructions sheet while in Native mode.

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asked Nov 30, 2018 in Atom Pad Controllers by aka_busker (21,950 points)
I recently received my Presonus Atom and I have been using it for the past few days with S1 V4 pro.  I have noticed somethings that don't seem quite right.

Firstly, when using the Atom to drop in a pattern, it ruins my loop markers.  I tried setting an 8 bar loop with no problems from the atom.  I dropped in my instrument Impact XT and as soon as I press the button - which seems to be pad 5 under song setup, not pad 9 as the instruction manual states - to drop in a pattern, my loop shrinks to a one bar loop and drops in a singe bar of pattern.  Secondly, the mapping for the buttons is slightly off while in native mode in S1 V4.  

I am using the most recent updated software for the Atom (firmware 2.70), Universal Control (audio box vsl44).

Relevant specs -

Windows 10 x64 pro - i7-3770 - 16GB RAM

Studio one V4 (build

Universal Control software (build 2.9..49805 win 86???)

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answered Dec 5, 2018 by oscargarza3 (7,660 points)
selected Dec 5, 2018 by aka_busker
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Hi, the loop behavior is dependent on your loop settings. Right click on the Loop icon in the transport and make sure "Loop Follows Selection" is turned off. Regarding the manual, we've changed a few things since release and are in the process of updating the manual. You can review some suggestions on ATOM workflow by checking out some of these videos on our YouTube channel.