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Atom Controller - The 4 Knobs

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asked Dec 6, 2018 in Atom Pad Controllers by ianwestern1 (150 points)
edited Dec 6, 2018 by ianwestern1
I have recently purchased the Atom, and i am going through all the Youtube tutorials to get used to it.

I have arrived at the video where the guy is going through the 4 knobs, first amp, second pan, 3rd transpose and 4th decay. They all work and show in the Impact XT that they are moving when he adjusts the knobs. He is using the "Square Up Atomic Fuel free kit.

I am following along doing the same thing however, mine don't do anything like that regardless of what pad i am suggesting. I can see in the top left corner the parameters change as i touch each of the knobs but no sound changes. ( I do notice on the video that when he does it, "focus" shows up after the parameter - ie Gain XT (focus) whereas mine only shows Gain XT.

Can someone help me please?

I am running OS Mojave, more recent version.

My Studio One is at most recent version.

Atom Firmware is up to date, i have just updated again just to be sure and nothing has changed, same problems.

*EDIT* After further messing around i have found that say i adjust Knob 1 to volume on the kick sample pad i can get it to work with the knob. When i change to another sample (say a clap or a snare on a different pad) and then click back on the kick sample pad the knob 1 parameter is missing and i have to redo it again.

Many thanks


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answered Dec 6, 2018 by oscargarza3 (7,760 points)
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Hi, please make sure that in whichever plugin you are using, the word ATOM is in the upper right hand corner of the plugin and that it is selected (yellow).