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folders tracks collapses no problem, the folder on the bus channel only packs one channel away?

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asked Dec 6, 2018 in Studio One 4 by mattthomas6 (160 points)
I am new to studio one and in the process of setting up templates that suit my workflow however I am having trouble with the track folders when I link them to busses, on the bus channel in the mixer when i click the folder button only one of the tracks on the bus goes into the folder.
I am sure there mus be a step I am missing or something in the setting causing this.  
any help with this would be much appreciated

1 Answer

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answered Dec 7, 2018 by mattthomas6 (160 points)
I have realised that in the console the channels that have no instruments on the tracks will not move into the folder track on the bus.

So having one instance of Maschine set up with the 8 groups going out on 8 inst tracks each with midi routed for recording, then sent to a bus and tracks packed in a folder, 7 of the tracks will remain visible in the console and only the one with the VST plugin on will disappear.

never mind just thought is would have kept the console tidy when working on other parts of the track.