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Is it possible to export the parts between markers to the mastering session as individual tracks?

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asked Dec 6, 2018 in Mastering by ericschleinitz (170 points)
I am not an expert on this but i was wondering if it would be possible to get the areas between some markers(not just start and end ) in a song session to the mastering session as individual tracks. I do some music for video game soundtracks and it would be really helpful for checking if some looped sequences worked. Until now i had to bounce it between the markers as mixdown and import the mixdown files into the mastering session.

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answered Mar 6, 2019 by alexdubinin (140 points)
I too am trying to select just one track of a multis track creation, and would like to know how to correctly

select and place markers for a specific start and stop points. When I did this at first my result was only seeing

a 7 sec selection by the export mixdown process. Even though I see the full time duration being loaded down.