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NO midi on studiolive series 3... why not ??? its still essential for some..

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asked Dec 9, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by david304 (190 points)
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How can you create a new mixer without having MIDI  

some of us still have vintage synths etc that rely on midi for communication, sound, mixing..

some also have midi interfaces such as the MIO 10.. how can we connect to this when you say no midi...

seems the old series 2 had user options and more connectivity... i am now wondering what mixer to get or do i look at the competition... X32, A&H ???
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answered Dec 14, 2018 by jonnydoyle (351,440 points)
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The Series III has no MIDI inputs.

If you would like to make a feature request for the StudioLive to be added in a future release, we have a forum section specifically for Feature Requests. This is the area for such suggestions and is monitored by the development team.

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answered Sep 13, 2019 by richardrupert (750 points)
I got around this issue by getting one of these: It works well with Windows 10 and claims to be Mac compatible as well.
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answered May 21 by archiewright (140 points)

For me, the answer to the midi issue was simple, I created a "Matrix" mix using the digital return and routed all of my midi audio through it, by connecting my midi controller to my laptop for live performances or my desktop at home for studio use, I have also found that since my other keyboards (Because they have their own sound libraries onboard) don't or won't use the digital return for midi and have their own amplified monitor, I simply included them in that same "Matrix Mix" using the same streaming "Digital Return" I use for the midi keyboard for sound output, which I route to the floor monitor for the keyboards, so in effect, all of my keyboards are included in said mix output from the amplified floor monitor, while retaining each keyboard's individuality and the midi controller keyboard, still holds full access to all of my desktop or laptop's apps and sound libraries, whether I'm performing live or in the studio recording with "Studio One", "Capture", "Pro Tools" or "Reason 11 Suite", it actually works beautifully too..yes