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Continue recording when computer screensaver kicks in

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asked Dec 10, 2018 in Recording by corbincamp (2,110 points)
I've used Capture many times as press record and forget it tool for a show. This past weekend I attempted to record straight into Studio One 3 (artist) from a standard USB analog mixer. It was a stereo track recording deal so no multitracking. Capture would not connect to the mixer. I was able to record and thought my PC would be fine to just leave running until the set break. This worked fine until my screen went dark (25 minutes) and then Studio One just quit recording. It did not stop running, just no track recording. Like someone clicked the record button to off in the middle of a song. Ended up missing 4 or 5 of the better songs. I've noticed stuff just stops if at any time Studio One is not the active application. Is there a way to not have this be this way? I know I can not have my screen go off, but why should that affect Studio One?

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