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When I play my Midi instrument I hear two instruments at one time

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asked Dec 12, 2018 in Studio One 4 by marcusruhdorfer (120 points)
Hey, guys! I have a really strange problem now and I've still found no solution in the Forum, maybe you could help me.
I created recently one song and started with the drums from the impact instrument. I record everything with my AKAI MPK mini at the moment.
One day later I opened the song file and wanted to add some of the analog labs synths. But for a strange reason my keys are now sort of double layered. I play any synth sound, no matter which I choose, and hear in addition to the synth sound the drum sounds from the impact as well.
The monitor buttons (the blue speaker knobs in each track) are off in any track except the one I want to record!
Now I made some experiments:

I recorded something in the song file: in the recording you don't hear the drum sound the midi board regenerates while playing.

I opened the edit mode - no additional sounds in the key bar there.

I deleted all other tracks. This doesn't change anything

I opened another file I had - in this file everything is alright

I opened another song file I had - no problems there.
So what could it be? could someone help me or did anyone have a similar problem?
I haven't found a solution in the manual either.

Thanks for response, mates!

1 Answer

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answered Dec 12, 2018 by moriromio (140 points)
You checked your Midi Input channels in the instrument window? Probably the same input channel.