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Soundx are missing, how can I find it back?

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asked Dec 16, 2018 in Studio One 4 by geniechiu (120 points)

I am a beginner, sorry about that I have to ask this question, but I really don't get it how can I do.
My native language is traditional Chinese, I'll try to express my question in English as much as I can.

There's no problem until I restart Studio One 4, I get a warning message:

 3 files are missing.

  Accordion.soundx (not used)

  Fender Telecaster.soundx (not used)

  Vibraphone.soundx (not used)

But I need " Accordion/.../Paris Filmscore* " and " Arp Hold " key to apply this tone to my midi code.

It could open a drop-down list, but now only have "(no presets)" every "Instrument/Multi Instruments/New Multi Instrument/" tools. 

How can I find it back - Accordion.soundx, the tune named Paris Filmscore, New Multi Instrument tools and its drop-down list???

Environment: Win7, 64bit, HP Probook 4441s

I hope I can find the solution. 

Thanks for reading!

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