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Full featured Edit mode in UC surface

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asked Dec 20, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by rgbass (920 points)
I would really like to be able to edit UC surface without having my board and router hooked up.  There is a demo mode, but it doesn't have all of my plug ins available.  It'd be great to set up a preset for a new band I'm working with while watching TV, and then save to my iPad, and just load it up at the show, all without having to set up the mixer and router.  Also, as a dealer, that would be great to be able to show off all the features when I'm demoing a board,  Of course my demo board doesn't have all of the plug ins installed, but it'd be a great to show whats available.

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answered Jan 4, 2019 by jonnydoyle (403,180 points)
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answered Feb 23, 2019 by danielsievert (11,820 points)
Yes! This is a feature request that I've seen quite a few times since I've owned an SL III mixer.  It's an essential function.

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