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S1-4 Waveform Editor?

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asked Jan 1 in Editing by (350 points)
Unless something has changed that I have not found, I STILL cannot use a pencil-type tool to edit waveforms in S1 - like simply draw down a transient, click or pop. (I do a lot of archival digital transfers) This is frustrating to no end for an old Sound Forge user.   I could have stuff fixed in seconds with this capability.  RX 6 Connect doesn't seem to work in S1 so that's out too.  No ARA support for izotope yet either. No  "open in external editor " option either.  Jeez!   S1 does so many great things but does not have these most basic capabilities  Quite frustrating.   These features have been requested forever.  Will they ever be implemented?

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