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Pitch Bend Semitone Snap

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asked Feb 3 in MIDI Editing by nikolaykulyabko (1,170 points)
edited Feb 3 by nikolaykulyabko

It's so tedious and time-wasting having to fiddle around -100 to 100 scale.
If my pitch bend range is set to 7 semitones then I have to divide 100 by 7 which gives me 14.29 per semitone,
So if I want to bend up by 5 semitones I have to multiply 14.29 by 5 which gives me a value of 71.43, then I have to manually enter that number etc etc.

Surely S1 can do this simple math for me, draw horizontal grid lines and snap points to them. enlightened

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answered Feb 12 by klausnyberg (1,200 points)
Yes! Just yes!