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i cant see my channel In/outs

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asked Jan 5, 2019 in Studio One 4 by ricardomercado4 (120 points)
so when im trying to bus my channel out usually I can create a bus then just click on the channel and route what ever channels to that bus then route your bus out to your main but now I cant see my channel outputs or inputs to do this I need help getting this back to the normal way

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answered Jan 6, 2019 by biohazzard-music (140 points)
There's two things you can do:

1- Drag the edge of the mix tab up until you see it (expand the faders to the top).

If that doesn't work:
2- Open the options on the side of the mixer. There should be and option like "see I/O" or "View I/O" or something like that  (I use SO4 in spanish. Sorry).

In case that doesn't work you can post another question and say that you already tried those two options.

I hope I was of help.