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Ability to add tags to plugins

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asked Jan 22, 2019 in Look and Feel by Digivolt (270 points)
It would be nice for instance I just wanted to see my compressors to choose from, I could just type compressor in the search and they all pop up

Or if I wanted to define certain characteristic tags to certain plugins

Just a simple ability to right click a plugin, "add tag" and enter what I want and it becomes searchable in future, it would make workflow a hell of a lot better than having to remember the plugin name in a sea of plugins that you collect over time

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answered Dec 7, 2020 by Sturphy (710 points)
YES.  THIS.  Dying for this.  I want to have my plugins organized in Folders, but be able to search for tagged plugs like "vintage", "clean", "color", etc.
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answered Apr 9 by roysonboleh (1,110 points)
Also, there are many plugins that have multiple effects in one vst so it would be nice to be able to tag it with each effect type. I.e. a compressor with built in EQ and saturation. Tags: Saturation, EQ, Comps.

With the folder system, you can have the vst in only one folder at a time. That sucks.