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AAF export to ProTools doesn't work

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asked Jan 24 in Studio One 4 by christianlauterbach (2,100 points)
I want to export songs from S1 via AAF to ProTools.
When I try to open the AAF file I've exported from S1, I get the ProTools error message "Could not complete your request because Error reading AAF WAVE Data"

I've tried several combinations in the S1 AAF popup menu, but the result is always the same error message.

Removed all bus and aux channels, al layers, all plugins. Didn't help.

Any suggestions?

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answered Apr 3 by drummer95186 (160 points)
I wish I had an answer but.... I am also having the same issue. im sending out my aaf. file to have them mixed but the person that is mixing my session is running pro tools and he keeps telling me that there is a error message that keeps coming up on his end.