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Disable main out for mixer channels and keep only sends

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asked Jan 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by lkgjzfmq (150 points)
Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I have already switched from Cubase to Studio one and for the life of me can't find a way to disable the main output from a mixer channel of any tracks (audio/midi) and keep only sends of this channel. I did it in Cubase, but can't to do it in Studio One. The only options I get is Main or any busses I have but no option to turn the output off. Could you guys please help. Thanks.

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answered Jan 25, 2019 by joshuagrimm (680 points)
I use this on Ableton sometimes, it would be helpful.  I used it the other day to audition new midi parts I was triggering in session view and compare it to midi in the arrangment by automating the "on off" track button for the return track.  I was able to compare the playing midi with the new midi I was creating in the session view.  As with most Ableton tricks, it was a huge pain in ***, but it worked.  Every once in a while, the need comes up to isolate something and pull it out of the mix, but still have access to the audio that it provided.  You could also use this as a sidechain trigger, I've used the "sends only" trick for that as well, and also using trackspacer.
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answered Jan 25, 2019 by joshuagrimm (680 points)
I figured out a workaround if you need it.  Go to "audio input and output", click on "output" and then "add stereo".  Set the pins on 2 outputs that you're not using.  Call the new output "quiet" or something similar.  Now you can create a bus channel called "Sends only".  Then create a new audio track and set the output to "Quiet" and then you can send audio on that track to your bus "Sends only" and that will be routed to the main master fader...  Wooo!!! :-)
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answered Feb 23, 2020 by milanshanukagodawattaliyanage (160 points)

I was having this problem and I ended up here but I did really understand the other answers down here. So I did some research and I think I found a solution, check out this video