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Quantum Wordclock Output when Clocking to external source

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asked Jan 25, 2019 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by robertgray3 (32,890 points)
edited Jan 26, 2019 by robertgray3
When a Quantum or Quantum 2 is clocked to an external Word Clock source, how does the Word Clock output work? Is it clocked to what is received on the input? I have a word clock generator but all my outputs are currently in use. I'm curious if I can send wordclock to my Quantum (clocked externally) and then use the word clock out of the Quantum to clock another device reliably.

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answered Jan 30, 2019 by robertgray3 (32,890 points)
I talked with tech support and they said that the BNC outs can be used to sync other devices while the Quantum is clocked to an external source