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Transform To audio problem

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asked Aug 19, 2017 in Studio One 3 by shayanfarhangi (170 points)

Hi every one , I'm fairly new to studio one ( switching from ableton/ cubase ) and I have this odd problem with the transform to audio function ( similar to Freez function in cubase ) . my problem is that when I transform a track to audio ( while preserving real-time state ) and then change the volume , when I later transform the track back to the real time state , the volume goes back to the original ( before transforming ) state . for example when the track volume is at 5 db and then I transform the track to audio ( preserving real time-state ) change the volume to 10 db and then unfreez the trcak and go  back to real time state , the volume automatically  goes back to 5 db . this is so annoying to me as I have a weak computer and so I use this function a lot . In cubase and ableton You could at least change the volume after freezing a track . 

Thank U for your time

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answered Aug 21, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,390 points)
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Hi Shayan,

Transforming an Instrument to audio and back works the way you described above that it should work.  The fader level is not captured with Transform to Audio Track nor the return trip.  If for some reason it's not working that way for you, please create a support ticket with a link to a short video showing the bad behavior.