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why does'nt youtube work while presonus is running

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asked Feb 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by raymondkilburn (120 points)

can anyone please help

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answered Feb 3, 2019 by shayneoneill2 (190 points)
Thats probably not Studio one but the driver for your sound hardware. What sound hardware are you using?
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answered Feb 21 by kozmyk (1,930 points)
That 'Release Audio In Background' setting in S1 Audio IO Setup might help you.
I run VB Audio Voicemeeter to manage my windows audio.
That lets me run YT and all desktop audio simultaneously with Studio One
If I want to get fancy I can run Studio One Inserted into Voicemeeter and do crazy stuff like record browser audio or use plugins on my /windows//browser audio.
I'm currently running VM Potato but Banana and Vanilla will do the same tricks, just less channels,