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why presonus 3 won't work on windows 10. 32 bits. while studio one 2 works on the same computer.

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asked Sep 12, 2021 in Studio One 3 by jeremy10 (120 points)
everything is in the title , everytime i try to run sl3 it just crashes and nothing more. it scan the vst then crash while its done with edgeangle problem, appvterminator problem , and d3d error. what can i do????

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answered Sep 19, 2021 by scottmoncrieff (1,060 points)
Because Studio One 2 includes a version that is 32 Bit for those who ran 32 Bit Plugins which was still common around 2010. Studio One 3 is a 64 Bit application only and requires a 64 Bit based operating system to run. 32 Bit Windows 10, is for legacy hardware only. Intel Atom processors are 32 Bit for example. All versions of Presonus Studio One from version 3 onwards requires a 64 Bit operating system to run, there is no 32 bit version provided.