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Drag Clips to Browser WITH Bus FX (this is a nightmare for sound designers!)

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asked Feb 8, 2019 in Editing by DarkEco (400 points)

For a sound designer, this is an absolute workflow killer! There is currently NO way to mass-export several files with all bus effects (i checked with the community first and they agree). Stem bouncing does not work because it normalises clip length to the loop's range, making all the shorter files the same length as the longer ones. So either we need a stem bounce option that bounces the files at their current length, or we need another CTRL key option when dragging files to the browser, so they include all the connected bus FX and not just their inserts.

This really needs to be addressed! My only option for exporting hundreds of <1 second long clips is to either bounce one stem at a time or do a master mixdown of one track at a time.

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answered Feb 8, 2019 by adamarthur1 (510 points)
Yes, AGREED! The master mixdown of one track at a time thing is taking FOREVER.