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Solo Safe Aux Bus Overide (Modifier Key)

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asked Jun 25, 2020 in Mixing by Mittens79 (1,180 points)
Hi Guys,

Most of the time I work with all my busses in solo safe so that the FX can be heard while any channel is in solo.

However, on most occasions I have more than one aux send from any given track. And I want to solo one aux bus for that channel or I simply want to solo and listen to an aux FX bus channel.

Currently I need to shift click all the other aux busses to solo the one.

Could you please create a new modifier key behaviour so that, by holding something like the Alt key while selecting solo, Studio one then then ignores the solo safe channels (on aux busses - because sometimes I need some of the solo safes on the channels and group busses) and simply solos the one or more aux channels.



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