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Patch or Route RCA jacks to any input on StudioLive 16R mixer

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asked Feb 24, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by robertbernard (220 points)
I want to patch or route the two RCA jacks on the back of my Studiolive 16R mixer to one input channel other than the inputs 15/16 that they are summed to. I haven't figured out how to (or if it's even possible) to do it. My main reason is because inputs 13/14/15/16 are my wireless mic channels , wired directly to the wireless unit in the back of my rack.

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answered Feb 26, 2019 by danielsievert (11,320 points)
selected Feb 27, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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Unfortunately the block diagram for the Studiolive 16R confirms that the RCA inputs are hard-wired onto the same signal path as the mic inputs for channels 15/16 and have no switching or routing capabilities.  Do you have any spare channels on your 16R that you can jump your wireless channels to? Alternatively could you use the digital return channel on your 16R as a playback bus via USB to remove the need to use the RCA connectors?