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SO4 and VLC do not want to work when the other is running - on Win10

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asked Mar 6 in Studio One 4 by jacquessteyn1 (770 points)
Since upgrading last year from SO3 to SO4, my VLC and Presonus hate one another. To get either to play audio, I have to exit the other.
When SO4 is running, VLC shows the video, but the audio is dead. I have to Quit SO4, then VLC is happy and plays fine.
I stumbled upon a suggested solution (to remove VLC from registry and reinstall) which did not work. Any suggestions, please?

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answered Mar 6 by ryanm1 (3,680 points)
Go into the Studio One settings and check, "release audio device in background".
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answered Mar 9 by amuniversum (1,970 points)
What audio interface/soundcard do you use?
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answered Mar 10 by jacquessteyn1 (770 points)

Yes, thanks ryanm1 - I have done that now a while ago, but now another problem arises:

When checked SO4 does not release the mouse, and when clicking anywhere else on the screen stops the transport from playing; when unchecked the problem with the mouse ceases, but then VLC does not work.

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answered Mar 10 by jacquessteyn1 (770 points)

amuniversum  What audio interface/soundcard do you use?

External Steinberg unit (running on ASIA of course).