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Firebox with Linux

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asked Mar 11 in Legacy Interfaces by davidcominsky (120 points)
After hours of fun searching for answers... I had to document this for others who have a firebox.

Hardware: Dell Optiplex GX620 Pentium D Dual Core, 4 megs of Mem. PCI Firewire card. Presonus Firebox

( Older PC )

OS: LInux Mint 19.1 "Key to making this all work is ( Low Latency Kernel )"

( Free OS )

DAW Software: Ardour 5

( Free Daw )


1. Load Mint

2. Load Ardour 5 App

3. Load Jackd1-firewire App

4. Now - Install the Linux low latency Kernel "sudo apt install linux-lowlatency" then Configure real time access Add your current user to the audio group: "sudo adduser username audio" And then give the audio group real time access: Add this 2 lines to the file: /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf (You may have to create it) @audio - rtprio 99 @audio - memlock unlimited (You may have to restart your System here.)

see this link for help.

Now my PC and Firebox are running with no latency

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