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Permanently Rename Plugins in Broswer

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (21,320 points)
If you have lots of plugins where the names all begin with prefixes like "TRacks" or "UAD" or "Virtual..." you may not want the ability to permanently rename those plugins in the browser. The idea is you'd rename them once in the Plugin Browser/Manager and the name would stay that way in the browser and all views until you changed it again (obviously you'd have the option to restore to default too).

How it would work:

1. With the Plugin Browser/Manager open

2. Right Click Plugin

3. In pop-up menu, I have the option to overwrite the plugin name (could work similar to naming arranger track sections where you just type over it) or have a menu item to "Rename Plugin." Doing so, would overwrite the plugin name in the browser and how it appears in any Effect Bins by default. Note: if a user had manually renamed a plugin in an Effect Bin in the past, that prior name should remain unchanged

4. If right+clicking a plugin that's already been renamed, a new menu option should appear called "Restore Plugin Name." This would revert the plugin name back to default.

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by AlexTinsley (827,310 points)
Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please vote on it.
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answered Mar 6, 2016 by benreaves (5,230 points)
I actually tried doing this earlier today. Would be nice. For instance, I have to rename "MeterPlugs Dynameter x64" every time I insert it. Its name is impractically long, and I'd just like to shorten it in the browser.
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answered Dec 14, 2018 by federicosilva (1,480 points)
This is a must have feature.
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answered Jan 5, 2019 by brionreid (1,160 points)

WORK AROUND: Saving a preset appears to save the edited name from the tab in the Editor
So rename the VST in the Editor tab then Save as Default Preset from the Editor
Next time you add it, it should, have the short name.
This was irritating me too... hope you find this useful.

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answered Nov 21, 2019 by nathanielwalker1 (140 points)
I tried a trial of Studio One and immediately uninstalled when I realized how bad the plugin management was.  SONAR, REAPER, and ACID Pro all allow you to set a Friendly plugin name, and SONAR even chooses an acceptable friendly name out of the box, when it loads the plugin.  Studio One just seems to choose the name of the DLL file, which is unacceptable.

This happens for all VST2 Plugins (Effect and Instrument).

I tried for an hour to look for a way to fix it, and just decided to uninstall the application, instead.

So much for being eager to switch after the trial.