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Can I use my 1818VSL with an iPad Pro?

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asked Mar 15, 2019 in AudioBox VSL Series by THX1136 (160 points)
I have the opportunity to buy an iPad Pro ($400 - couple of years old) that's been well taken care of and was wondering if I can still use my 1818 with it. I currently use the 1818 with my older iPad 2 and Auria which works great. Before I make the jump to the Pro I wanted to make sure I can still connect via a USB C to USB A cable and have things work without issue. I'm fairly certain the answer is yes, but would like some verification to my assumption. Thanks!

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answered Mar 11, 2020 by alvinusmelius (180 points)
If it works on the older iPad it is likely that it will work on the new usb c one.