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Can I use an ATOM with my IPAD?

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asked Dec 5, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by williamatkinson (410 points)
I am considering purchasing an ATOM for my daughter and was wondering if she would be able to use this with an iPad (2018 version) as opposed to having to plug into her computer?

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answered Jan 30, 2020 by sftraxx (460 points)
selected Feb 6, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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I was able to use the Atom w/ Beatmaker 3 (powered through a lightning / usb adapter) with my ipad air 2 as a midi controller.
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answered Mar 14, 2021 by raphaldoursenaud (420 points)
It should work in compatibility mode with the camera kit.

Just don’t expect the level of integration we get into Studio One.