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What is the rated speed of the new Studio 1824c USB-C port?

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asked Mar 17 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by alainzagar (130 points)
The specs only state USB-C connectivity but that could mean anything starting from 480 Mb/s.

It's safe to say it's not rated 480 Mb/s but is it USB3.1 V2 for instance?

Can anyone confirm what the rated speed is?

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answered Mar 20 by lightfire (180 points)
Unfortunately they did not change anything form the old interface - really bad move. Cosmetic change and connector change but keeps the out-dated USB 2.0. I was all set to purchase one but found this out. All they had to do was make it USB 3.1.
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answered Mar 21 by griffinneubauer (150 points)
Well, I downloaded the user manual for the Studio 68c, and it says it is fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0.

At first, I assumed that meant it had to be USB 3.1. You can't be BACKWARD compatible with USB 3.0 if you aren't 3.1.

I really hate this kind of marketing ambiguity. This spec matters. I have a bad feeling these new "c" models really are only USB 2.0 because if they were running at USB 3.1 that fact would be shouted by PreSonus from the mountain top.