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persons studio 192 usb or 1824c?

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asked Jun 25, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by m@P (1,900 points)

Curious about the latency of USBc on the 1824c which appears to using usb2.0  as compared to the USB3 on the 192.

 I don't have to use usbC as a connection so is the 192 faster?  The 192 can be had for a reasonable price these days!

any thoughts on using either of these two devices is welcome

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answered May 18, 2020 by marcomonchi (2,320 points)
To be or not to be these Is the  question in my mind
Me too got my mind set on the same question
192 USB 3 or 1824c.....?
By now 1824 c loose
Why? In 192 usb3 you can decide which preamp got the + 48v Active( Phantom)
In the 1824c....when you Active Phantom Is for all preamp at the same time (a minus).....
But now I ask Presonus....why you prefer to change USB 3 for USB c? It was Better make Better driver for rock solid in 192 usb3 then change all the line to usb c Is opinion of lot of pro user why make something new that Is not Better? Good lucky......Marco Monchi Ravenna Italy
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answered May 18, 2020 by marcomonchi (2,320 points)
They use 2.0 protocol in usbc?
Impossible It Will be the end of presonus hardware..
I have a Ferrari and I put on It a fiat 500 motors?
God Save the presonus.....if Is so..,
Marco Monchi Ravenna Italy