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compatible usb-c cables for studio 1824c?

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asked Apr 22, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by johnfalsey (190 points)
So the USB-c cable that comes with the 1824c is way too short for my setup. I bought just a basic usb-c 6 foot cable on amazon and my computer would not recognize the interface. I have a cable that works, but it's really worn out. It looks the same as the new one I'm trying. Is there a certain type of usb-c cable you need for the interface? If so, can someone post a link to a 6 foot cable they know for sure will work with the 1824c? Thanks.

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answered Aug 18, 2020 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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Long USB cables will make your system susceptible to data loss resulting in pops / clicks in audio. Make sure the USB cable is as short as possible to ensure proper performance, especially when running full channel count and/or at higher sample rates. If you run into this issue, go back to the factory cable. You may need to re-arrange your setup to accommodate. We also do not recommend USB Extensions. 

USB-C cables come in two varieties, sync and data. 

Sync cables are only meant for charging your phone or providing power while sync'ing via bluetooth or wireless. These also do not have proper shielding in them, avoid the ones at gas stations for example and as you've learned Amazon basics. 

Data cables are what you need to look for, go with a known good computer cable provider like Startech for reliable USB-C data cables -

Be sure to read the fine print, if it's advertised for use with a phone, probably should avoid it and look specifically for ones meant for use with computers. 

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answered May 18, 2020 by victorcassizzi1 (560 points)
Hi, I also found it to be too short so I started using an extra Apple usb-c cable I had with my 1824c and it's been working great. I don't know any specifics but it's been working just as good if not better with this cable, however, since the 1824c interface uses USB 2.0 tech in the body of a usb c cable, I'm pretty sure most usb-c cables will be good enough to match it. Hope I could help.
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answered Nov 20, 2021 by moclu (160 points)
Did you had any luck with this ?

I have the same situation, and need at least a 5m cable (~16 ft).