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Adding folders to chorder presets

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asked Mar 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jimmy botella (120 points)
Hi guys,

I have Studio 4 professional and am preparing new chorder presets manually. All good so far. The problem comes when I try to store the new sets as it only allows me to use one of the three folders that come with the program: chord groups, chord types and intervals. I have tried adding a new folder to the chorder presets folders but it does not seen it. In instructional videos they say that all you have to do is to find the location of the chorder folder and create a new subfolder but it doesn't work. It is annoying because I would like to have my own separate folders for the new cord progressions instead of having to include them in one of the existing 3 folders.

I am using Studio One professional 4 with a MacBook Pro; intel core i5 processor, samsung SSD hard drive.

OS: High Sierra version 10.13.6

Have the latest update for Studio One installed.

Any help????

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