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Stripped and stable live firmware with fast-boot (if the console should freeze...!)

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asked Mar 25 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Malbec (380 points)
A rock solid live-version of the console firmware where all the DAW-mode features etc. are left out. Only the basics should becovered in this firmware for fast booting and better stability. I have too many freezes and crashes when doing live-shows, so fast boot is essential. At home the SL 32 III runs smoothly but on stages it's another story. Why is it so? Maybe a slimmed firmware could be the trick!

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answered Mar 28 by jonnydoyle (196,480 points)
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answered Mar 29 by soundguy8 (340 points)

I like the quickboot option.  I have done several live events and have indeed had my Series 3 console freeze during such events.  After much troubleshooting I find my issues all came back to one thing...Power.  One thing or another lead to the voltage to the board dropping.  For some reason this drop causes all controls to the board to freeze completely.  Audio will still pass through, but all controls become unresponsive.  I have been able to correct this by putting a simple UPS on the power to the board.  Well, that and make sure my help doesn't power the board from the same circuit as one of my subs.  I did have to search pretty hard to find a ups that doesn't drop the voltage, but I have had no issues whatsoever once I started this practice.  I personally use the Minuteman ED1000RTXL2U.  It is a little overkill, but has resolved all issues.