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Eris 8 or Eris 5 for my room?

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asked Apr 6, 2019 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by carstenaltena (640 points)

I own a pair of Eris 8's and they have served me well in my old studio room which was 4,5 meters deep, 3 meters wide and 2,5 meter high. The room was well treated with bass traps and reflection panels.

However recently I've moved my studio into a small room in my house. It's quite a bit smaller (3,25 meters deep, 2 meters wide and 2,1 meters high). I've installed some panels to deal with first reflection points and put some panels in the corners at the back of the speakers, but can't do a lot more than that because of practical reasons (the room is getting very full!).

It sounds fine although I'm considering swapping the speakers for Eris 5's. Sonically the low ends get a little too much at times. Esthetically the Eris 8's look a bit too big in this room, although this is not my main concern.

My question is, would you consider the Eris 8 too big for my room? If yes, my main concern becomes then: would the Eris 5 lack too much low end for the wide range of music I create and mix? And if so, any ideas to compensate for that? I make pop to metal to EDM to epic orchestral

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answered Apr 6, 2019 by matthewcoombs (2,570 points)
In my experience knowing your speakers well is probably more important than the specific speaker model. Bear in mind that the extra bass that you're now getting from the 8's is a product of the new room, not the mix itself. If you stay with the 8's you'll need to learn to compensate for the room acoustics. If you change to the 5's then you'll still need to learn the room but you'll also have to learn the sound profile of new speakers. There are thousands of pro studios out there still using NS10's - horrible speakers, but lots of engineers know how they sound, and so are able to mix with them. I'd say keep the 8's and add more bass traps if you can. M
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answered Apr 8, 2019 by carstenaltena (640 points)
Thanks Matthew! Good point on having to "relearn" the speaker. I'm sticking with the Eris 8s. Also, I realise that there are a couple of options on the back to compensate to the room. Might fiddle around with that and see if it improves although it sounds pretty OK right now.