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Send MIDI Start/Stop Data on selected Bar other than One

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asked Apr 17, 2019 in Recording by brandonguergo (1,130 points)
Studio One 4's clock proves to be relatively unstable when sequencing external hardware. The clock fluctuates anywhere from +/- 10BPM for a few seconds before settling on its user determined value, even when the CPU load is essentially zero. This most often causes pitch wobble as the hardware/software cannot time-stretch such variations in BPM before outputting the signal. This always sounds horrible, especially right at the beginning of a song and more so if utilizing a reverb/delay.

It would be extremely handy to send MIDI clock data for a selected amount of bars, before sending MIDI start/stop data to external gear. This would allow all the gear to have some time to sync up and stabilize before receiving start/stop data, which has become a near necessity for yielding a good recording of a MIDI synced start/stop preprogrammed sequence.

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