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Two Normalization Feature Requests

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asked Apr 29 in Mixing by alanmiller1 (340 points)
**Disclaimer: I'm not looking for correction or advice. I know how to use level control, etc., properly. This feature request is about speeding up composition work with fast hot-key-able commands for normalization and optional level control.

While I don't use normalization in mixing and music production, I do use it from time to time for comping finished voice-over and other clips that are pre-mixed for YouTube. I would like to request a couple of features that could be very helpful in the normalization area for many...

First, it would be nice to have a simple "normalize-to-specific-level" option. (ie: normalize to -1dB with a hotkey command) While I completely understand level adjustment via clip adjustment, mix tool, etc., there are times where features like Reaper's normalization options would be helpful. It is actually quite common in almost all other DAWs to see this option. I think many would find a simple normalization with the option to choose a specific dB level choice more friendly.

Second, and more importantly, it would be nice to be able to normalize to the specific content in a sliced clip. (also with the optional level feature above) Currently, any slice(s) of a clip will normalize to the original un-cut content of that clip. This creates a ton of work when matching many slices. It creates the need for normalizing all slices to 0, and then manually adjusting each clip further. This takes an enormous amount of time. Normalization should be based on the selected portion of a sliced-up clip. Even if that slice is adjusted later, it should be easy to re-normalize, and to any desired level.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a professional musician, and I know how to use level control, etc., properly. This feature request is about speeding up composition work with fast hot-key commands for normalization and optional level control during that process.  Regardless, I think many would find these two few features helpful.

Please consider these suggestions. Many other DAWs provide these features. I came from Reaper, where this was very standard, and made life extremely easier than SO does. However, many other DAWs I've used in the past have also provided these same features.

Thank you for your consideration!

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answered May 4 by chrisperry1 (610 points)
you can do the first one with a macro already. the feature is there. I would be into your second feature request as well. for now, you have to bounce the event and then Normalize.  Again, you can make a macro to do this, but it makes further editing impossible/difficult. A further workaround is to create a duplicate layer, and then you can always go back to your un-normalized audio with editable edges should you realize you need to fix something.
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answered May 4 by alanmiller1 (340 points)
edited May 4 by alanmiller1

chrisperry1, I appreciate your response. (edit: I just looked up a great macro tutorial... I think I know what you mean now)

Thanks for supporting the additional idea. Please upvote, if you have a moment.