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Why not implement a creative sample slicing feature?

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asked Dec 20, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by yoshihiroimawaka (290 points)

Why not implement a creative sample slicing feature?
It would be great if we could choose manual, grid, transient, random, etc.
I envision a product like Serato Sample.

Please improve the audio slicing function.
Currently there is a way to automatically slice by shift+drag to Sample One XT or Impct XT.

This operation is only effective for drum loops. For many audio phrases, they are sliced very finely.

There is another way to slice with the Bend tool, but it is not nondestructive editing.
Setting up cue positions is more creative.
And since it is not integrated into the sampler, you can't chop while playing.

Why not combine Presonus' superior time-stretching algorithms with a smart workflow to create the best sampler on the market?

It would be great if they even included a sound source separation feature. Please include a slice function first.


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