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Why do I randomly lose kick drum hits when exporting the drumset track to MIDI?

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asked May 18, 2019 in Studio One 4 by maxruiz1 (110 points)

There are a lot of variables to this problem, I apologize upfront, but I just need some guidance.

I work with a friend whom I send my track stems and drumset MIDIs to for mixing and mastering. Whenever I export the drumset to MIDI and send it to him, several kick drum hits or even sections of kick drum hits will be missing when he sends me back a draft of the mix. Is there some reason for this or possible data corruption or possibly a problem with his DAW?

My Setup:

+ Studio One 4 Professional

+ Get Good Drums (GGD) - Modern and Massive (going through Kontakt software)

His Setup:

+ Reaper (Commercial License)

+ Also uses GGD Modern and Massive and sometimes he uses the Invasion library

I've had him ask on the Reaper Forums if anyone knows if this is a Reaper problem or not, but he's had no luck.

Thank you!

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