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Move from one channel to the next within the plugin window

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asked May 22, 2019 in Mixing by ricalv (260 points)
It would be great to move from one channel of the Mixer section to the next (or previous) when you have a plugins (inserts) window open, thus showing the corresponding plugins (inserts) of the next/previous channel.

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answered May 28, 2019 by Daw Stew (4,950 points)
Like it. I'd also add that i'd like the ability to bypass or remove all instances of the same plugin from the GUI of the plugin. Lets say you have multiple Presonus PRO EQ's over your songs tracks. Rather than having to open the Console and bypass the plugins one at a time it would be much quicker to simply open the GUI of any of the Pro EQ's and select Bypass All Instances or Remove All Instances.

It would also be useful to have a Used By drop down within a plugin GUI to show a list of tracks that are using the plugin. Currently you can only do this from the Plugin browser