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Enable Notion to transpose (notes & key signature together) into any chosen key

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asked May 24 in Notion Feature Requests by vaughanhill (130 points)
edited May 24 by vaughanhill

PLEASE Enable Notion to Transpose (i.e. all notes & key signature together) into any chosen key.

The current Transpose requires selecting the whole score and then only permits changing the notes by an Interval (2nd, 3rd etc.) - then one has to subsequently alter the key signature separately, which is ridiculous! It is a basic musician's requirement to re-key any music into any other key, especially if you are writing accompaniments for singers.

I use Mac OS 10.14.5, Notion 6.5.470 64 bit, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB audio interface.

I have discussed this matter with Brian Meisner per Request #510622 +/- 1 semitone transposition, who recommended I submit this feature request. I have also posted about this shortfall in Notion 6 performance to 18,300+ on Facebook.

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