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STEP SEQUENCER mode on automation track!

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asked Jun 26, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Michael1985 (9,840 points)
Yes I know you can make steps now on the automation trac, but a real&easy step sequencer mode for the automation track with steps like inside the arpeggiator (note FX), which shloud have a smooth control and a subdivision setting.


A step sequencer is a common modulator inside synthesizer and effects. Yes, now you can create something like steps on the automation lanes, but it is faster and more easy to have a real step mode which you can add, delete and change the intensity of single steps with just one click and if you want to change the the subdivision of a specific range, just select it and choose your subdivision in a sub menu! The smooth value and subdiviosn of a step sequencer  automation event is shown on the automation event (another cool feature I suggested)

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