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StudioLive 16.4.2 Classic USB Driver?

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asked Jun 29 in Studio One 4 by salbert (850 points)
Whenever I update Universal Control on a PC, among the many driver options to check/uncheck, there's one for StudioLive Classic USB driver. What is this for? The StudioLive Classic is strictly a firewire interface, right? (Still love my 16.4.2 Classic btw)

This is not a problem, I'm just curious if there's now some way to connect to a classic with USB.


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answered Jun 30 by ahellquist (470 points)
Internally there is a usb port if I remember correctly but I doubt that has anything to do with the driver option.

My guess is that the Universal Control can operate on devices that are equipped with USB ant thats why you can select it.
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answered Jun 30 by wahlerstudios (50,350 points)
There is a "classic" 16.0.2 USB available (the Firewire model is discontinued). Probably the driver belongs to the 16.0.2 USB. Otherwise there is no way to use USB with the Series I mixers.